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“Barbara C. Phillips is the rare expert who understands NP issues, as well as the “know-how” of running a business. Barbara brings NP clients information and strategies direct from sought-after entrepreneurial experts. She conserves your time, money, energy and minimizes your business stressors. I learn new approaches to my business of 12 years every time I speak with her! She is THE NP Business Guru!”
Susan Scanland, MSN, CRNP, GNP-BC, CDP @ Dementia Connection
What’s in the NPBO™ Practice Startup System?

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  • Module1 – The PPFM Analysis™: This is where you do all the assessments: the personal, professional, financial and market assessment.
    This is the step that MUST be done before all else.
  • Module 2 – Creating the Business: This is about creating the right entity, getting the right numbers, and following the right rules and regulations. This can shut down your business if not done correctly.
  • Module 3 – Getting Paid: Sounds pretty self explanatory, yet this one step can break a practice. Learn how to get credentialed, how to set fees, the pros and cons of cash practices, billing errors to avoid at all cost, and more. Cash flow to any business is what breathing is to life. It’s that essential!
  • Module4 – Equipment, Tools and Technology: Have you ever wondered what is really in the exam rooms, back office and front office. What about all the technology, EMR’s and those incentive programs? What is really needed to run a practice? Find out what you need and how you can save money.
  • Module5 – Clinical Practice Management: You KNOW how to care for your patients. But do you understand how it works in terms of the business? We’ll talk about the best ways to manage your clinical operations including some vital policies and procedures you’ll want to have in place, regardless of the type of practice you have!
  • Module6 – Operations & Business Management:  This is it! This is what we did learn in school. It’s the guts of any business. Do you understand about profit and loss? Do you know what compliance programs you need to have in place. What about your practice finances, staff, risk management and so much more?
  • Module 7 –  Marketing: Marketing is what you do to bring in patients to your practice, and it’s the one VITAL thing that most practices either don’t think they need to do, or just plain don’t want to do! It is what creates the cash flow. Critical stuff!
  • Bonus –  Q&A Module:  You are probably a lot like me. You read and watch something and you have a lot of questions about how you can apply it to your situation.  Well, you’ll be able to ask those questions when you are invited to join NPBO™ members on our live monthly Q&A calls where you can ask any question you have.

“I am so excited about getting started with my Nurse Practitioner owned business.  I feel like I can do anything I want right now.  This is so AWESOME! and Amazing!”
Angela D. Stewart, ACNP-BC, MSN, CRNP

  • Course Material On-Demand: Let’s face it, you are one busy clinician! It’s difficult to carve out time that is dictated by others so you can participate in a program. We’ve addressed that issue by offering this material ON-DEMAND. And…you don’t even have to travel! Whether you choose the digital course that you can access at any time – 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – or you prefer having the course delivered to your door step…it will always be available to you!
  • Laser Coaching Q&A Calls to get your Questions Answered! Everyone has questions and it’s important to get them answered. That’s why, for the first three months you have this program, you’re invited to join our exclusive NPBO™ Members Only Question and Answer calls. You’ll be able to ask any question you have about the course, your practice or your business. During each laser coaching Q&A call, I’ll be available to coach you on your practice start up strategy, specific questions, assignments or practice start up materials. Even if you don’t have a question, you’ll eavesdrop on others asking questions and get value for your OWN business.
  • Workbook, Templates, Checklist and MORE! 
    In your binder, and/or online, you’ll have access to the workbook, all the worksheets, checklist and spreadsheet to get you started on the right track. You’ll even find templates you can use for your own office – like an entire employee handbook and manual.   Previous course participants have said how much time and money the templates have saved them as they got started. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of these tools and shortcuts.
  • Audio Recordings of each module and all the Q&A Calls:  Audio recording (MP3 digital download files, or via CD) come with the program. You’ll be able to listen as often as you like, how you like and when you like – i.e., ON-DEMAND. Learning experts will agree…hearing something more than once helps let the information sink in and allows for more complete learning.
  • Certificate for 9 Continuing Education Contact Hours:  Nurse Practitioners who successfully complete the NPBO™ Practice Startup System will receive the NPBO Continuing Education Certificate for 9.0 contact hours.

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“Hey Barbara! Did you hear that after I studied yr online course I opened HeavenSent Medical Service!? If yr a nurse out there and you want to start a business, you can check out one of my mentors Barbara C. Phillips she is a nursing business coach and owner She helped me to get my start!!!”
Lynn Parker, NP ~ Heaven Sent, A Nurse Practitioner Owned Practice


Barbara C Phillips, NPI am so looking forward to working with you and adding YOUR NAME to the list of successful Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs!

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